About Us

At HMS we have the privilege of working with families who are committed to excellent education and a Christ-centered foundation for their children. Our school community is enriched by students and families who represent over a dozen countries and language groups. Each day provides opportunities for students to see how Christian faith interacts with learning as they practice global skills of community, service and peacemaking.

HMS has a reputation for being innovative in our educational approach. We are big enough to provide a comprehensive academic program and small enough to meet the needs of diverse learners. Co-curricular opportunities such as interscholastic sports, performing and fine arts, and leadership opportunities add value to the education our students receive. Hands-on and experiential learning help students see how knowledge connects to real life. Our Schoolwide Enrichment Clusters take education beyond the classroom to places where parents and community partners learn and work.

Each educational level including our Early Childhood, Primary, Intermediate and Middle School programs are specially designed to spark curiosity, creativity and an understanding of Christian discipleship in a way that is developmentally appropriate. Teachers take time to listen to and value student contributions and middle schoolers really enjoy coming to school! We strive to support and challenge so that students grow to their potential in a nurturing environment.

At HMS students are engaged; educational excellence is the standard. . . all in a context where faith and Christ are central. We’d love to have you come and see it in action! You are invited to take some time to connect with us!