Academics at Hinkletown Mennonite School

At HMS we practice a whole-child approach to nurturing a child’s interest in learning and meeting needs. Learning is Christ-centered and child-focused. Teachers are intentional to integrate Scripture and Biblical principals throughout the day. Every child is respected and valued for his/her contributions. In addition to technology-use and teacher-guided instruction, we work hard to offer lots of hands-on learning experiences and age-appropriate connections with members of our local community who can share from their business experience, vocational callings or professional expertise. Of course, parents are always welcome to connect and participate as well!

Early Childhood Education

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

  • Learning through play & hands-on approach
  • Integrated Music and Art
  • Cooperation and Peacemaking Skills
  • Community building through meal and snack times
  • Two, three and five-day options are available

Early Childhood Education

Primary Elementary Education

Grades 1 & 2

  • Early reading emphasis and kid writing
  • Bethlehem Walk unit brings the Bible to life
  • Science plants and animals units with insect/butterflies and trip to the zoo
  • Social studies biographies, cooperation skills
  • Hands-on music through violins in grade 2

First Grade

Intermediate Elementary Education

Grades 3 & 5

  • Emphasis on discovery learning through STEM projects and stream studies
  • Hands-on music instruction through band instruments
  • Special Bible units and student video-making
  • Pennsylvania history and US geography
  • Health and wellness units

Intermediate Education

Middle School

Grades 6 & 8

  • Project-based learning on social justice topics
  • Wide variety of music electives, clubs and co-curriculars
  • Leadership opportunities such as yearbook and Student Council
  • Community building activities and mentor program
  • Trips to a major city each year and class camping trips

Middle School

Venture Program

Grades 9 & 12

  • Focus on connecting learning to life through community partnerships
  • Soft-skills report card and mentoring program
  • Vocational exploration through Internships and job shadowing
  • Opportunities for dual enrollment in post secondary educational programs
  • Capstone project for graduation links a student’s experiences to faith formation

Venture Program