High School

Venture Program Says:

High School Should Not be a One-Size-Fits-All

The Venture Program is a non-traditional high school program that combines online, in-class and off-campus learning that is hands-on and community focused.  It caters to both the career-bound and college-bound student.

A flexible schedule allows for an individualized learning plan where interests can be explored through service opportunities, job shadowing, internships, or dual-enrollment classes for college credit. Community partnerships give students the chance to go beyond the classroom to experience and learn from local businesses and industries. In addition, local and international service and mission trips emphasize the importance of service while encouraging connections between faith, life, and vocation.

Students are encouraged to develop themselves socially, emotionally, and spiritually, in addition to academically. “High school can sometimes feel like a bubble,” said Venture Program Coordinator Megan Ament, “that’s not the feeling you get from this program. We are preparing students to be successful adults, involved and working in their communities.”

The program size fosters mentoring relationships between teachers and students, while intentionally creating time for students to build relationships with their peers. Bible and History teacher Brian Denlinger says this is what he loves most: “Students are known here, both by their peers and their teachers. This helps us as teachers to come alongside students and explore their options and interests. It’s not a one-size-fits-all program.”

For the daughter of High School Learning Support Specialist Melissa Hurst, the non-traditional layout is an excellent fit: “She absolutely loves it and even convinced her best friend to come to the program.” Madalyn Hurst said of her experience, “The Venture Program has been a safe place where I can be mentored, nurtured, and taught by both friends and teachers while being shaped and molded into who God has designed me to be. I especially love the smaller setting, which has allowed me to find real, down-to-earth, Christian friends.”

Even with a growing number of students, the program is designed to remain smaller in size to ensure that the values of individualized learning, vocational exploration, and community outreach remain at the core of this unique approach to high school education.