Why Choose HMS

Why Choose Hinkletown Mennonite School

HMS has a reputation for being innovative in our educational approach of teaching and developing the whole-child. We are big enough to provide a comprehensive academic program and small enough to meet the needs of diverse learners. Each day provides opportunities for students to see how Christian faith interacts with learning as they practice global skills of community, service and peacemaking.

Teachers view each child as an individual and take time to listen and value student contributions. In addition to technology-use and teacher-guided instruction, we work hard to offer lots of hands-on learning experiences and age-appropriate connections with members of our local community who can share their vocational callings or professional expertise. We pride ourselves on being a family-oriented school and we welcome parents to connect and participate!

Don’t just take our word for it, read what parents, students, teachers and alum are saying:

  • I found Hinkletown when my oldest was going into kindergarten and we were looking for a private school option with Christian teaching. We fell in love with the school immediately. At the time, I was a high school science teacher in a public school and I could not believe how much they were doing education right here.

    - Venture Program Coordinator & parent Megan Ament
  • When I think about HMS, I recall the way teachers really did make me feel so loved, understood, and helped me to discover my giftings as well as areas to grow, in and outside the classroom.

    - Alumna Morgan Batson
  • I want to be a teacher because of the teachers here at HMS. They’ve helped me a lot, especially my fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Raiser, she showed me how to be a great teacher.

    - Alumna Madison Stauffer
  • HMS is a great combination of top-level academics with a caring, Christian environment where I know that as parents we’re speaking the same language at church, at home, and at school. That’s a powerful thing for students and children.

    - Middle and High school Bible and Social Studies teacher Brian Denlinger
  • The Venture Program has been a safe place where I can be mentored, nurtured, and taught by both friends and teachers while being shaped and molded into who God has designed me to be. I especially love the smaller setting, which has allowed me to find real, down-to-earth, Christian friends.

    - Venture Program Graduate Madalyn Hurst
  • My child has been able to attend Pre-K at Hinkletown and has learned a lot of important social skills. His teachers have supported him in making friends and taught him I-Care rules that are helping him learn how to interact with others as Jesus would want him to.

    - Parent of Pre-K Student
  • HMS provided an excellent foundation to build upon in many areas of my life. I feel as though I received a great education, and I know I underwent substantial intellectual and spiritual growth during my time at HMS. I was well prepared to enter high school and I was able to easily transition to higherlevel, more challenging coursework.

    - Alumnus and Emergency Medicine Resident Physician Andrew Martin
  • I have come to appreciate very much the advantages of Christian education. The teachers and staff continue to amaze us with their genuine Godly love for these children. How amazing it is for the ability to pray with our children and point them in the right direction of our Lord.

    - Parent of 3 HMS students
  • Teachers at HMS are not just teaching my kids academically, they are teaching them for life and that is just so important to me and I feel like my kids have grown here socially, and emotionally, and spiritually, in addition to academically.

    - High School Teacher/Learning Support Melissa Hurst
  • I love the strong faith foundation HMS gave me, it helped to build my faith up even as I headed into a public high school experience. HMS gave me confidence as well, because with it being a small school, I was familiar with the staff and teachers and that gave me a sense of comfort and a sense of community.

    - Alumna and parent Nicole Hurst
  • I was blessed so much at our recent parent-teacher conferences to pray with our daughter’s teacher for her growth. We talked about the academics and how she is doing but the most meaningful part was as he reflected on how she is growing socially and spiritually in the classroom. He knows her and has spoken Christ’s discipleship into her life in specific ways to help her grow.

    - Parent of middle school student