Hinkletown Mennonite Tuition Rates & Fees

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Tuition Rates and Fees for 2024-25

Registration Fees

Registration Fees

Early Registration
Discounted Fees*

Pre-kindergarten students $100 per student $75 per student
Grades K – 12 $200 per student $150 per student
Family maximum $60 max per family $450 max per family

*March 1 deadline for re-enrolling families and June 1 deadline for new families to receive the registration discount. 

Annual Student Tuition 

2 half-days Mon/Wed $1,900
3 full-days Tues/Thurs/Fri $3,800
Before School Care Monday-Friday
billed based on usage
$5 per day
3-day program Monday/Wednesday/Thursday
or Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday
5-day program Monday-Friday $7,500
Grades 1-5 $7,500
Middle School (Grades 6-8) $7,700
Venture Program (Grades 9-12) $8,300
Learning Support
Basic Intervention basic support + writing $1,650
Moderate Intervention basic + one (math or reading) $2,700
Intensive Intervention basic + two (math & reading) $3,800

Family Discounts
Family discounts are available to families with multiple children enrolled in a 5-full day program at HMS.

# of students enrolled in
5-full day program at HMS
Discount Per Student  Total Family Discount
2 children enrolled $450 per student $900
3 children enrolled $800 per student $2,400
4 children enrolled $1,200 per student $4,800
5 or more children enrolled $1,200 per student $1,200 x # of students


  • In addition to discounts, HMS raises funds to help provide financial aid.
  • On average patrons cover about 60% of the total operating budget with their net tuition. The remainder is provided by the annual HMS auction and other school-wide fundraising efforts as well as by HMS donors and community partners.
  • Tuition payments are due by the 15th of the month. Standard payment plan is 12 months, June-May, with other payment plans available. Pre-payment is welcome. Late payments may be assessed a finance fee.
  • Bussing outside of the HMS transportation radius (8 miles) is offered at the discretion of the administrative team and the Transportation Committee. A fee of $1,500 per student may be assessed to students receiving transportation services outside of the transportation radius.