Student Services

Student Services at Hinkletown Mennonite School

We believe that every child is born with a heart desire to be successful and to please the adults around him/her. When a student struggles academically, emotionally or developmentally, we often begin to see educational or behavioral challenges surface. Our Student Services Team meets weekly and with our teaching teams to discuss the best supports we can put into place for each child’s needs so our students can experience success. We use the Positive Behavior Intervention Support Model (PBIS) to guide our tiered interventions.

Here is an example of the kinds of services provided in our 3-tiered approach to intervention:

Tier I Support – Classroom Teacher

  • Differentiated and small group instruction
  • Class reminders and review of expectations
  • Guidance counselor class lessons
  • Teacher collaboration by departments

Tier II Support – Extra Group Intervention

  • Small focus groups led by our school counselor
  • Extra small group instruction from our Reading/Math Specialist
  • Check-in Check-Out Goal review throughout the day with student
  • Small challenge groups for gifted students (Academic Extension)

Tier III Support – One-on-one instruction and targeted support

  • Learning Support Program
  • Goal setting and review in partnership with parents – SST (Student Support Team)
  • Individual sessions with the school counselor
  • Tutor time with our Reading/Math Specialist