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Eighth graders explore careers through the interactive Construction Wars at ABC Keystone

Construction Wars

By: Julia Hoover, Alayna Regitz, Isabelle Stauffer, Madison Stauffer, Paul Hurst, and Jeremiah Knowles.

Construction Wars was offered to 8th grade students and six of us were able to go. It was a lot of fun and exciting to be a part of this event. There were many parts to the day and we enjoyed all of them. The instructors showed us how to do many things we never knew before, including an electrical course and a sheet metal course. We had a great time learning new things and having fun with our other classmates. In all the different courses we made something new and put it in a toolbox we made. We would highly suggest doing this again if we have the opportunity.

The first thing we really loved was the electrical course. We were connecting two light switches together to make them both able to turn on and off the light bulb. We learned what the different colored wires mean and how to connect a circuit. We also had the opportunity to learn about careers and jobs on the construction fields.

The other course we thought was a lot of fun was the sheet metal. Basically we banged on the metal with a hammer to form it into the tool box. We had a lot of fun working with each other in this very loud and fun activity.

We also learned about CPR and how to help someone if they are having a heart attack. We used little manikins with different colored lights that lit up based on if we were going too fast, too slow, not going deep enough, or going too deep.

There were many more courses that we did and the lunch was really good too! Also the people their were really nice and helpful. They helped us learn about different job courses. This was a really great experience for all of us and would love to do it again.

Photos by HMS parent Loren Stauffer