Core Values

Core Values of Hinkletown Mennonite School

This is a Christ-centered school community where students are called to acknowledge Jesus’ presence in their lives. Jesus is the center of life, the world, creation, and all learning. As a supportive school community, we:

1. Emphasize experiencing God’s presence as:

  • Students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with Christ
  • Students are taught Anabaptist values and to respect the beliefs of all families in the school community
  • Each person is called to model Christ’s love in their daily life
  • The school community places Christ at the center of all learning

2. Nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development of all learners as:

  • Students discover an awareness of their spiritual gifts and God’s unique plan for their lives
  • Students make a personal connection between classroom learning and everyday life
  • Students receive a well-rounded education resulting from high quality instruction
  • Teachers integrate faith and knowledge to encourage students to become lifelong disciples of Christ
  • Parents and teachers reinforce a faith-based education by supporting each other through a team effort

3. Believe each person is both a learner and a teacher as:

  • Students learn from and teach other students as well as adults in the school community
  • Teachers learn through professional development and their interactions with students and parents
  • Parents teach and learn while sharing their gifts with students and teachers

4. Provide opportunities for individuals to discover their unique interests and develop their natural
talents as:

  • Students explore their emerging interests in core academics, the fine arts, and sports
  • Students relate to Christian friends, teachers, and organizations
  • Students of all ability levels are given the resources they need to grow
  • Students learn to meet other’s needs in the school and the wider community as modeled by parents and teachers

5. Encourage students to be reflective, caring, and responsible servants for Christ in the global
community by working together to be

  • A Christ-centered community where the Bible and prayer guide our daily lives and actions
  • A mentoring community where students learn from their peers and the generations that preceded them
  • A caring community where students, parents, and teachers respect, trust, & nurture each other in faith
  • A reflective community that calls for stewardship of God’s creation & empathy for people around the world
  • A life-giving community where we strive for hope, peace, and justice at school and in the world
  • A redemptive community that resolves conflict and restores relationships according to biblical principles
  • A compassionate community where students are free to express themselves as they grow within the framework of a faith community